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8 Ways Women Can Empower Themselves

I see you there, unstoppable, fearless woman, and I know you’re capable of anything.

We can wait around for the world to help us, or we can turn tear up that damsel in distress card and claim power for ourselves — here are eight infallible ways to empower you as a woman to live the life you REALLY want.

#1 — Go After What You Want

Do you want to be a millionaire? A model? A mother? A neurosurgeon? An Olympic gold medalist?


Don’t wait for the opportunities to come to you. Decide what you want, and then shamelessly, relentlessly, ceaselessly go after it. Because you deserve the life you’ve always dreamed of, not the life you’ve always settled for.

#2 — Put Yourself First (And Don’t Apologize For It)

Women are great at compromising, but not great at snatching up the things they want in life. Take care of your kids, be kind to others, but remember that you are your BEST you when you’re healthy, happy, and well-rested. Take care of you, and the rest will fall into place.

#3 — Embrace Confidence

 As women, we often shy away from confidence for fear of being arrogant. So why is humility more admirable than arrogance?

Stay open to all life has to teach you, but be unabashedly and joyfully confident, because chances are, you have every reason to be.


#4 — Protect Yourself

The world could use a lesson or two in ethics where women are concerned, but we can also take it upon ourselves to make ourselves formidable foes and unappealing targets.

Whether it’s a security system or a self defense class, count on yourself as your first line of defense, and take the initiative to see to it that YOU’RE the one THEY should be afraid of.

#5 — Educate Yourself Endlessly

 Knowledge truly is power, and it doesn’t always come from higher education. It can be a degree, an online business course, a book, or a series of YouTube videos and a determination to figure something out, but never give up in the pursuit of learning anything and everything you can.


#6 — Get Great At Saying No

You’re not being stubborn, you’re not being difficult, you’re just saying no. Ask yourself whether you truly want to do something, and if the answer is anything but “Hell yes,”, say no and mean it.

#7 — Surround Yourself with Amazing People

 We are the sum of who we choose to surround ourselves with, so don’t be afraid to be choosy. Kicky negative Nancies or abusive friends to the curb, and surround yourself with people who embody qualities you admire and strive for. It’s not elitist, and I promise, it doesn’t make you a jerk.

#8 — Take Care of Yourself

When your body’s taken care of, your mind is free to be as sharp as ever, so eat right, stay active, and ask yourself if what you’re consuming is worthy of fueling the divine awesomeness that is your incredible body.



“Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature. Be better than anyone here, and don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.”— Christina Yang, Grey’s Anatomy

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